How to Tame and Ride a Horse in Minecraft? Tame a Horse and Ride a Horse

How to tame a horse in minecraft? Horses are one of the most useful animals since they allow you to travel much easier than on foot. They will carry your items and if you have enough room for it, a saddlebag for travel or even a chest that you can access from horseback. This tutorial helps you how to tame a horse in minecraft and how to ride a horse in minecraft and how to get a saddle for the horse too. So lets start to follow these steps of how to tame and ride a horse in minecraft.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

While there are many ways to tame a horse in minecraft, this tutorial will teach you how to tame a horse the fastest. It involves using commands (for creative mode), but once you learn how it’s amazingly quick. The command required is definitely not the easiest to remember, so keep an eye on the description listing below. Enjoy taming horses in minecraft and good luck out there. Taming a horse in minecraft is pretty easy, but it can be a little tricky to figure out.

Here’s what you need to do for knowing how to tame horse minecraft and how do you tame a horse in minecraft.

1. Find a Horse. This part is easy—just walk around and look for one. Horses spawn randomly in the wilds of Minecraft.

2. Catch your horse. It’s important to catch your horse using a lead rope or something similar because if you don’t, they’ll just run away from you when they see you coming (and probably hit themselves in the head with their own hooves). When your horse is caught, you’ll be able to tame it by feeding it carrots or apples until it starts behaving as a normal animal would.

3. Mount up! Once your horse has been tamed and fed enough food, it will start behaving like an ordinary pet animal—you can ride on top of them, feed them treats from time to time (like carrots), and generally enjoy having them around as part of your Minecraft experience.

4. When all else fails: find another one! If for some reason your first horse doesn’t work out as well as hoped (or if it gets eaten by wolves), don’t worry—you can always try again with another.

Required Materials to Ride a Horse

These are the materials that we use to ride a horse.

1 Saddle
1 Horse

How to Tame and Ride a Horse in Minecraft: Step by Step Guide

Taming and riding a horse is an exciting and rewarding experience. If you’ve done it before or are a professional, you will definitely agree with me on this. 

Anyone who’s played minecraft is familiar with the horse. Red, white, black, and brown, these docile creatures can be ridden to your heart’s content provided the saddle is crafted correctly. But there are many misconceptions when it comes to equestrian travel in Minecraft. That’s where this guide comes in. Taking you by the hand you’ll learn everything you need to know before proceeding on your own horse journey!

However, if you’re new to Minecraft horse riding, you may need some help getting started. Fortunately, I’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to help you through the process of taming and riding a horse.

1. Find a Horse

How to get a horse in minecraft? The first step is to find a horse in minecraft. It is not too difficult to find a horse in minecraft.

Find a Horse

You can find horses in the plains biome.

  • Plains
  • Savanna
  • Savanna Plateau
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Villages
  • Windswept Savanna
plains biome

There are many different ways of summoning horses in Minecraft, if you are facing difficulty, you can easily use the spawn eggs or cheats to summon a horse.

What We Can Do With Horses

  • Feed a Horse
  • Breed Horses
  • Breed Mules
  • Armor off Horse
  • Armor on Horse
  • Use a Lead on a Horse

2. Tame the Horse

In this step you taming horses minecraft;

1. Select Empty Slot

The reason is, in this process, you will mount a horse again and again in this case you can tame a horse minecraft and control the horse.

As you know minecraft has different versions and each version has its own commands, so the control of this game for taming a horse has different for every version. See the control of each version below:

  • Just “right-click” on a horse in java edition (PC/Mac)
  • Move your target point over the horse then click the “Mount button” in Pocket Edition (PE).
  • Just “press the LT” button on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Click the “L2 button” on the controller on PS3, and PS4.
  • Click the “ZL button” on the gamepad in Wii U.
  • Click the “Zl button” on the playing controller on Nintendo Switch.
  • In windows 10 Edition, Just “right-click” on Horse.
  • On Education Edition, just “right-click” on a horse.
tame a horse

If you fail to minecraft horse taming then you will be bucked off, lose some food, and get the “Untameable” effect which lasts for 5 minutes. The bar on top shows your progress towards taming the horse and can be seen by all players. Once it’s complete you can mount it using the control described above. You only need to tame a horse once, after that you can ride it forever!

When you see red hearts on your gaming screen, it means that your horse is tamed now. At the point, when your horse is tamed. You can sit on the horse but can’t control the movement of the horse because for movement control you need to put a saddle on a horse. Now, how to put a saddle on the horse, let’s see the points below:

3. Put a Saddle on the Horse

Since the first ones were created, people have been wanting to know how to saddle their horse in minecraft. Well, it’s now possible thanks to this great minecraft. I’ll tell you what you need to do and how to go about doing it.

Now each version of minecraft has different game control, so that’s why we discuss all horse saddle minecraft control of each version here:

  • In Java Edition (PC/Mac), right-click on a horse to mount and click “E” for inventory.
  • In Pocket Edition (PE), You need to move your pointer over a horse and click the “mount button“. After mounted click on the 3 dots button to open the inventory and click on the picture of a saddle button.
  • In Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the very simple step is to click on the “LT” button On the Xbox control handle to mount a horse then click on the “Y” button for opening inventory.
  • In PS3 and PS4, Click the “L2 Button” on the PS controller handle to mount a horse then press the “Triangle button” to open inventory.
  • In Wii U, click the “ZL” button to mount a horse, now click the “X” button to open inventory.
  • In Nintendo Switch, click the “ZL button” button to mount a horse, and now click the “X” button to open inventory.
  • In Windows 10 Edition, it is very simple just right-click on a horse to mount then click “E” for inventory.
  • In Education Edition, right-click on a horse to mount and Click “E” for inventory.
Put a Saddle on the Horse

Now you can see, what your horse wears.

The first step is to move the saddle from hotbar to the saddle box, which you will see on the left side of the horse.

move the saddle from Hotbar

At the end of this moving saddle process, you will see your horse’s appearance will be changed.

saddle on a horse

After this, you will see a minecraft horse saddle on a horse. Now the main point is to get information about how to ride a horse in minecraft. So let’s move on to the step of riding minecraft horse.

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4. Mount the Horse

How to mount a horse in minecraft? Before this point you have tamed your horse and put a saddle on your horse, now you can ride it and control the horse’s movements. This is also the main point because mounting a horse has different commands for different versions. Which we share here:

  • In Java Edition (PC/Mac), “right-click” on a horse.
  • In Pocket Edition (PE), move the pointer over a horse and Click the “Mount button“.
  • On Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Click the “LT button“.
  • In PS3 and PS4, Click the “L2 button” on the controller.
  • In Wii U, Click the “ZL button“.
  • In Nintendo Switch, Click the “ZL button“.
  • In Windows 10 Edition, “right-click” horse.
  • In Education Edition, “right-click” on a horse.
Mount the Horse

After these steps, you can mount and ride a horse. You can use the same commands for horse moments that you use to move. If you want to see yourself in the riding position then change the camera angle.

ride a horse

5. Dismount the Horse

Each Minecraft version has a different game control key for dismount Horse. All versions keys are available here:

  • In Java Edition (PC/Mac), Click the “left-shift” key.
  • In Pocket Edition (PE), Click the “Center button” (ie: crouch/sneak button) twice.
  • On Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Click “Right Stick (RS)“.
  • In PS3 and PS4, Click “Right Stick (RS)“.
  • In Wii U, Click “Right Stick (RS)“.
  • In Nintendo Switch, Click “Right Stick (RS)“.
  • In Windows 10 Edition, Click the “left-shift key“.
  • In Education Edition, Click “left-shift key“.

Tame and Ride a Horse Conclusion

As you can clearly see, the tips above should make it easier for you how to ride a horse and how to tame a horse in minecraft. If you are reading this, you have made it to the end of my horse-riding guide. I hope you found the above information helpful for taming and riding horses in Minecraft. If you need help with anything else related to Minecraft, do leave a comment to let me know what I can assist you with. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Happy Riding.

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