How to Make a Game App? How to Create a Gaming App?

Have you ever wondered how to create a gaming app? Making a game app is not as difficult as you think. There are many resources to help you make your first one. So, you’re thinking about how to make a game app. That’s great, but you can’t just build any old app and expect it to blow up. To create an app game and create an App Store hit, you need a plan and read this article to find out how to make a game app.

How to Create a Gaming App

Have you ever wondered how to create a game app? It’s certainly not easy, especially if you have no prior programming experience. But it can be done. To do this, you will need a game engine and plenty of time to learn. But I’m here to tell you that the sky is the limit, stop dreaming and start building a game app today!

There are some who would say how to make an app game and making a game app/creating game app is difficult even for the most competent of coders, artists, and designers out there. But what if I told you that you can make a game app easily?

What Do I Need to Get Started? Making Gaming App

So you want to make a game app. It’s actually not that hard, and it doesn’t require any programming knowledge. Mobile apps are a huge market and there is room for everyone to make money from it. With the right idea, passion, and marketing channels you can even become a millionaire. To get started with your own mobile game you don’t need much besides an idea, some experience in development, and discipline.

What Do I Need to Get Started Making Gaming App

If you have ideas for how to make a app game, you are not alone. In fact, among game app developers there is a near consensus that the market is saturated with games, and it’s getting even more difficult to gain visibility on the app store charts. Developers are aggressively competing for fewer spots in the charts.

#1 Computer

To play the game, you will need to install the game engine on your computer. Some game engines are only available for PCs or Macs. They do not run on both.

#2 Smart Phone

You need to test the game on your target platforms. It’s worth ensuring that it runs smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. A game that plays nice with low-end smartphones should also be a consideration, particularly if you want to reach those markets.

#3 Developer Account

To submit your game app. Apple’s App Store charges $99 per year and Google Play Store charges $25 for life. Unlike with app makers, you will be in charge of updates, making sure the game works on all devices and keeping it secure. This could mean several new updates per year.

#4 Create Art

To create your own game, you will need game assets. You can find a ton of free resources online and some game companies have got their own marketplaces. The best way to make your game stand out is to create things like the characters, background, music, and menus yourself.

And a Game Engine Too? Game App

I can see you all wondering whether a Game App is too much to ask. Well, yes and no. A game app using Phaser could be difficult for a beginner to pull off, however, there are plenty of other great game engines out there which make it much easier.

Why do you need a game engine in 2018? Why should I build my own game? It’s simple. You can start creating games right now and show them to your gamer’s friends. I am sure those friends who are not a gamer yet after seeing your game, also want to become a gamer and want to play the game.

#1 Game Templates

Game templates are ready-to-use designs that you can implement on your website in order to give it a fresh and outstanding look. All kinds of game templates are available, with lots of different themes, styles, and colors that will make your website or online store attractive and unique.

Game templates are designs meant for the application with the functionality of video games. The game type can be open or closed, multiplayer Games or single-player. Game design holds a lot of significance among people interested in designing visual interfaces to interact with human emotions. This is a new branch of website designing.

#2 Drag and Drop

Behaviors are the basic building blocks of a game. And they are fundamental in making a game because they make a game do something when it is supposed to do it. You can use behaviors as a method of settings “if this happens then that will happen”.

making games

For example, If the user creates a 2D square and makes behavior that says “if I press on the screen, the square jumps”.

#3 Visual Scripting

Visual scripting is one of the most important features of in-game app development. It lets developers build interactive experiences without having to care about programming logic. Visual scripting is the best-advanced solution that gives the flexibility of code without having codes. When you create Nodes, this represents events and actions for games objects.

#4 Coding

Coding may not be for everyone and the pros will tell you the serious path for getting complete control of your game.

Can I Make Any Kind of Game?

Today I’m going to attempt to answer a simple question: “Can I make any kind of game?” Because the internet seems to think that game development is hard, and that low-level languages like C are best. There is absolutely no reason to be confused about whether or not you can make a game, because you can! I know that when I started out, I was confused as to whether or not it was worthwhile.

There are some preconceived notions by people who say that they can’t make a game, don’t have the time, or even say they are “not creative enough” to make that kind of game. Having produced triple-A console games, I’ve seen a lot of game projects come and go. Here’s what I’ve learned about designing and marketing indie games.

Which Game Engine Should I Choose?

Game engines are the tools that allow developers to build video games. A game engine takes the burden of many technical tasks away. Choosing a suitable game engine is a crucial decision. This article lists the pros and cons of top game engines, as well as tutorials for each engine I’ve chosen based on community, pricing, and purpose.

Let’s face it, game development is hard. Not only is it difficult to create the actual game, but there are all the choices to make beforehand. Which game engine should you choose? This can be a tough decision to make, but after reading this post you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

#1 GameSalad

GameSalad is a powerful 2-D game development engine that allows you to create games without writing any code. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an absolute beginner, GameSalad will help you bring your game ideas to life in no time.

gamesalad for making games

GameSalad is an all-in-one toolkit that is going to change the way you think about mobile game design and creation. What did it take us three years to make? The most powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use game design tool available today.

Now, thanks to the power of Mac & iOS, you can take those games and share them with the world outside of Facebook.

#2 GameBuilder Studio

GameBuilder Studio is a powerful yet simple game maker, which can be used to create games for native Android, iOS, Windows, and HTML5. A wide variety of assets, tools, and middleware are included with the engine.

It is a powerful 2D-level editor and game development tool for all ages. It allows both non-developers and developers to make video games without coding or scripting, so everyone can easily build a game in an intuitive visual environment and share it with friends or with the world.

#3 BuildBox

I have been using BuildBox for the last three years. I love using it and have used it very successfully on my last two mobile games, Splix .io and Squad .io. I’m not being paid to say that, I am genuinely recommending BuildBox as a fantastic game engine for game developers.

Buildbox for making Games

#4 ClickTeam Fusion 2.5

ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 is the latest version of Clickteam’s development system for non-programmers. You do not need to be a programmer to create quality games, apps, and software with this tool.

In this article, I explain what you can do with it, show you some of the available assets, and walk you through the basics of creating your first Windows application.

#5 GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2 is the most important release in our history. With it, we can reach a wider audience of users and game developers who were impossible to reach with our previous products.

All new and existing users will benefit from this update, being able to create games without having any knowledge of coding.

#6 Stencyl

Stencyl is an exciting engine for creating 2D games and playable experiences. Its toolchain allows you to create custom graphics, sounds, music, dialogue, physics, and more.

This kind of freedom combined with a fun and approachable interface makes Stencyl the perfect tool to capture imaginations and create engaging interactive stories, this can be used by students to make their own games or visual stories.

#7 Unity

Unity is an open-source tool for game development that has been taking the indie game development world by storm. It has won over the hearts of many developers due to its versatility and simple set of tools that anyone can learn at any time.

Unity for making games

Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers.

#8 Unreal

Unreal is a 3D game engine available for free, created by Epic Games. You can use Unreal Engine to build games for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms like Android or iOS.

Unreal Engine is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developers, for game developers. You can use it to develop high-quality games and cinematic experiences, deploy them across mobile, desktop, console, and VR platforms and connect with the massive and passionate Unreal developer community.

Final Thoughts on How to Create a Gaming App?

Making a game app may be hard due to the many steps that need to be done in the right order. Have you ever thought of making a game app? If yes, then you have probably seen that there’s more to it than just having a good idea.

A game app without proper execution will not be able to create an impact on its target audience. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place! In order to help you make your first game app, I have created a step-by-step guide where I will teach you how to gain success with your game app.

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