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Call of Duty is one of those few series that are still coming with some unique features. I played this game when its first audition was released. I am in love with Call of duty because of its new features, Graphics, Speed, etc. All were perfectly made even when the graphics were passed from our eye, Automatically we were attracted towards and a desire born for playing Call of Duty games on ps4 and ps4 pro stations. When we talk about the number of players who play Call of duty, Is it still the Same or Not? Or changes were made to it? How many people play call of duty?

Call of Duty Team Statistics About Game Member

In our generation, if we talk about the biggest game title, The title of the biggest game in our generation is goes to Call of Duty. From Xbox 360 to PC, to PS4 Xbox Series X, and now in PS5, the number of titles Call of Duty had maintained is second to none. Players continue to play all of the older games in the series, Instead of new ones which are coming every year.

Let’s start to take a look at its Steam Chart in the series for all the previous entries, On PC, Black Ops 3 from 2019 is have almost 5,000 players still with the World at War and Modern Warfare 2 is also nearest. These were only the numbers of those players who play it only on PC and it was only the previous entries, not the complete entries.

When Microsoft announced the support for Black Ops 2, in the month when it was announced, it becomes one of the bestselling games. Thousands of people buying it again to make self again able to play Black Ops 2 once again.

For Modern Warfare 2019 it goes double. According to Modern Warfare 2019 still have around 153,000 players, Even Cold War continues for almost a year.

In the series, most of the current release games have two million people and still, two million people were playing. Even so, For years too many people are still playing Call of Duty games stint the new games were released. We never compare with the number of players who are enjoying Call of Duty.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain LossMonthly Gain Loss %Max Players Daily
Last 30 Days8,501,335-631,680-6.92780,819
February 20, 202256,021,4011,471,2582.76,535,830
January 30, 202254,550,143-516,003-0.946,364,183
December 30, 202155,066,146360,5990.666,424,384
November 30, 202154,705,547183,5340.346,382,314
October 30, 202154,522,0131,410,5442.666,360,902
September 30, 202153,111,469-909,677-1.686,196,338
August 30, 202154,021,1461,965,9353.786,302,467
July 30, 202152,055,211985,2641.936,073,108
June 30, 202151,069,947114,4770.225,958,160
May 30, 202150,955,4702,944,0106.135,944,805
April 30, 202148,011,4602,109,3504.65,601,337
March 30, 202145,902,110-650,037-1.45,355,246
February 20, 202146,552,1471,983,5014.455,431,084
January 30, 202144,568,6462,122,31655,199,675
December 30, 202042,446,3304,716,25912.54,952,072
November 30, 202037,730,071-2,734,291-6.764,401,842
October 30, 202040,464,362-4,914,349-10.834,720,842
September 30, 202045,378,711-3,708,828-7.565,294,183
August 30, 202049,087,539-5,965,992-10.845,726,880
July 30, 202055,053,531-4,376,344-7.366,422,912
June 30, 202059,429,875498,3750.856,933,485
May 30, 202058,931,500-7,818,500-11.716,875,342
May 30, 202066,750,000-1,837,500-2.687,787,500
April 30, 202068,587,500-6,929,375-9.188,001,875
March 30, 202075,516,875-2,887,285-3.688,810,302
February 20, 202078,404,1602,554,1843.379,147,152
January 30, 202075,849,976-3,020,503-3.838,849,164
December 30, 201978,870,47978,870,47919,201,556

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Warzone’s Overwhelming Success

There is no surprise for Warzone’s overwhelming success, with 100 million players in the game. When you take a look at the earnings document which was published by Activision, Warzone is currently at a monthly 111 million players. Because Warzone is free to play many players are brought in, Warzone is also one of the biggest royal battle games. The key factors in the warzone still holding the Call of Duty.

Warzone proves that it is one of the biggest titles in the games. When we combine the numbers between Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Cold War the numbers of players are more than 113 million, And they enjoying what Call of Duty offered for the past two years. Many other players are also enjoying the complete library of Call of Duty titles. Each game has yet a small active player base. I never see the older games can keep such kind of players who enjoy them.

How Many Call of Duty Games Are There?

There are few franchises out there every year. But Call of Duty is one of them and the series continuously shows a strong presence in the market. In 2003 for the first time Call of Duty contained one of the biggest communities around the world. Every year when it releases new title players who grew up with the series, Players continue to come back for the new title.

Call of Duty Games Series Names

There is a total of 19 Call of Duty games in the main series.

TitleRelease YearDeveloper
Call of Duty2003Infinity Ward
Call of Duty 22005Infinity Ward
Call of Duty 32006Treyarch
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare2007Infinity Ward
World at War2008Treyarch
Modern Warfare 22009Infinity Ward
Black Ops2010Treyarch
Modern Warfare 32011Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games
Black Ops 22012Treyarch
Ghosts2013Infinity Ward
Advanced Warfare2014Sledgehammer Games
Black Ops 32015Treyarch
Infinite Warfare2016Infinity Ward
WWII2017Sledgehammer Games
Black Ops 42018Treyarch
Modern Warfare2019Infinity Ward
Warzone2020Infinity Ward, Raven Software
Black Ops Cold War2020Treyarch
Raven Software Vanguard2021Sledgehammer Games

The else titles which were part of the main series, Call of Duty come with other games like call of duty modern warfare. The main console parts like The Big Red One, Finest Hour, and The War Collection And mobile titles be like Call of Duty: Mobile and heroes. All of its series comes with new addition instead of the first two Call of Duty titles which are in between the one-year gap.

Call of Duty Mobile – Available Platforms

Here you can see, which platforms are available for call of duty mobile,

Download Call of Duty

Now you can easily download with one click, just click on the given link and download call of duty.


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It is important for us to know How Many People Play Call of Duty just to understand its popularity. I have been playing Call of duty since its first version release and still playing it. The reason for my attraction is its popularity and the number of players who play Call of Duty. After reading the whole information you also can understand the franchises of Call of Duty and Also can find How many people play Call of duty and many more about this game.

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