How Long Is a Minecraft Day? Minecraft Day & Night Cycle

It is very important to know how long is a Minecraft Day? Minecraft day and night is a minecraft game mechanic that changes the in-game time to, day or night. Every ten minutes of real-time equals one Minecraft day and night cycle. However, if you want to play the game at a slower pace, you can change the setting from the main menu.

You can still play the game even if it is nighttime, but there are some things that you should know first.

How Long Is a Minecraft Day

For example, monsters will appear during this time and attack you. You have to sleep inside your house all day to avoid being attacked. If you don’t do this, then your character will be killed by monsters and lose all your items.

Another thing that happens during nighttime in Minecraft is that animals stop spawning on grass blocks around your house. Therefore, if you want to get more food, then it’s better if you hunt animals outside instead of waiting for them inside your house where they won’t spawn anymore once it becomes dark outside.

How Long Is a Minecraft Day? Minecraft Day and Night Cycle

The cycle of the day and night is an important part of the game because it affects both gameplay and the environment. Some day & night factors are mentioned below:

Cycle SectionLasting Time
Nighttime7 minutes
Daytime10 minutes
Dusk90 seconds
Dawn90 seconds

Conversions: Real-Time to Minecraft Time

Real-TimeMinecraft Time
1 tick3.6 seconds
1 second1 minute and 12 seconds. (72 seconds)
10 seconds12 minutes (720 seconds)
50 seconds1 hour (60 minutes, 3600 seconds)
1 minute (60 seconds)1 hour and 12 minutes (72 minutes, 4320 seconds)
1 hour3 days
1 day72 days
1 month2,160 days
1 year26,297.5 days

24 Hour Minecraft Day Table:

Minecraft Time
(24-hour clock)
Minecraft Time
06:00:00.00 (24000)0:00 (20:00)Villagers awaken and rise
07:00:00.010000:50Time set day command
08:00:00.020001:40Villagers start workday
11:43:22.857234:46.15Clock showing midday
12:00:00.060005:00Sun on the peak
15:00:00.090007:30Villagers end workday
18:00:00.01200010:00Sleep time
18:00:36.01201010:00.5In rainy weather, beds can be used at this point.
18:02:241204010:02Internal skylight level begins to decrease.
18:32:31.21254210:27.1Bed used at this point, in clear weather
18:36:361261010:30.5Day to night
18:47:09.61278610:39.3Solar zenith angle is 0
18:58:08.41296910:48.45First tick when monsters spawn outdoors in rainy weather
19:00:00.01300010:50 Night command time
19:11:16.81318810:59.4First tick when monsters spawn outdoors in clear weather
23:50:34.81784314:52.7Midnight Time
00:00:00.01800015:00Moon peak time
04:48:43.22281219:00.6Last tick when monsters spawn outdoors in clear weather
05:00:00.02300019:10Time when using the /time set sunrise‌ command in Bedrock Edition.
05:01:51.62303119:11.55Last tick when monsters spawn outdoors in rainy weather.
05:02:27.62304119:12.1The clock starts showing exactly dawn.
05:12:57.62321619:20.8The solar zenith angle is 0.
05:27:36.02346019:33In clear weather, beds can no longer be used. In clear weather, Bees leave the nest/hive. In clear weather, undead mobs begin to burn.
05:57:39.62396119:58.1The internal sky-light level reaches 15, the maximum.
05:59:31.22399219:59.6In rainy weather, beds can no longer be used.

Minecraft Day:

A Minecraft day lasts for exactly 20 minutes in real-time and is divided into 1000 ticks. A tick happens 60 times per second, so a Minecraft day lasts 24,000 ticks.

Daytime lasts from sunrise to sunset. This depends on how far north or south (which you can check from Minecraft Compass) of the equator you are, but at the equator, daytime lasts exactly 10 minutes.

Sunrise and sunset last for 1 minute each. At the end of sunrise, the sun rises all the way up to its maximum altitude above the horizon, and at the end of sunset, it sinks all the way down below the horizon.

Minecraft Day

Nighttime also lasts exactly 10 minutes. The sun is always below the horizon during nighttime, so it’s always dark.

  • 0:00 Minecraft Day start
  • 0:23 Sunrise closes
  • 5:00 Noontime
  • 9:41 Evening
  • 10:28 Players can sleep
  • 10:52 Sun is no longer visible
  • 11:32 Night begins
  • 15:00 Midnight
  • 18:47 Sunrise
  • 19:06 The Sun is visible
  • 19:30 The moon sets

What Are The Times Of The Day To Be Aware Of?

  • When it rains or is about to rain, you can use your beds at 18:00.36.0, but during clear weather, beds must be used at 18:32.31.2.
  • In clear weather use your beds at 18:32.31.2.
  • If you already found your Village then can start working at 8:00 & finish it at 15:00 daily.
  • First tick when mobs & creepers start spawning at 19:11:16.8.
  • When the weather is clear the final tick beeps at 4:48:43.2
  • And in case of rainy weather, it will be ticking at 5:01:51.6.6.

Clocks: A Handy Equipment For Daytime:

You can use a clock as handy equipment for daytime to tell the time of the day. Clocks are very helpful equipment you should have with you while exploring the world of Minecraft. They are used to tell the time of day (not actual real-life time) and help you track the sun and moon’s movement in the sky.

Minecraft Night:

Minecraft night is only seven minutes long, so you’ll want to be sure you have a safe place to spend the night before it gets dark.

Once it gets dark outside in Minecraft, the monsters come out. You can create a shelter of any blocks that are available to you, but the best thing to do is build a house out of solid blocks like stone or bricks.

Minecraft Night

The structure should be at least two blocks high and three blocks deep. Make sure you have an entrance and exit and leave a window so you can see when it’s light outside again.

How to Live Through Your First Night of Minecraft?

Following are the points to keep in mind to survive through the first night in Minecraft;

  • Build a shelter before it gets dark
  • Find wood and build a crafting table
  • Use basic tools to gather resources
  • Create or find water, food, and other useful items
  • Protect yourself from the nighttime creatures


Some things are important which you need for you to get badges.

  • Crafting table
  • 2-3 buckets of water
  • Blank map
  • High saturation food
  • Bed
  • Keep a stack of wood
  • Always have a pile of torches (how to make Torch) with you
Minecraft TimeMinecraft TicksReal Time
1 second0.270.0138 seconds
1 minute16.660.83 seconds
1 hour100050 seconds
1 day2400020 minutes
1 week168,0002.20 hours

Dawn in Minecraft

Dawn in Minecraft is a glorious sight to behold. The sun rises slowly, ushering in a new day of mining and crafting. This is when your character has the most energy and motivation to work, so you should use this time wisely.

Dusk in Minecraft

Dusk in Minecraft is the period between sunset and dusk. It lasts 7 minutes and 20 seconds, or 7 minutes and 20 seconds in real-time with a full night cycle enabled. This is based on the length of time it takes for the sun to rise at dawn, which is also 7 minutes and 20 seconds, so there will be a total of 14 minutes and 40 seconds of light during the day. The time between dusk and dawn is therefore called twilight, which lasts 10 minutes and 40 seconds; this makes each Minecraft day have a total length of 24 minutes in real-time.

Dusk in Minecraft

Can You Make Days Longer in Minecraft?

You can make days longer in Minecraft by changing a few settings, but you can’t make them longer than 24 hours. This is because Minecraft uses the same system that the real world does to measure time: one day (or night) equals 24 hours.

In order to change the length of a Minecraft day, follow these steps:

  1. Open your game menu and click on the “Options” button.
  2. Select the “Video Settings” tab.
  3. Find the “Day Length” option and slide it left or right to make days shorter or longer respectively.


Minecraft is an excellent game. It’s a fascinating world to explore and you rarely, if ever, get bored. One of the most intriguing worlds in Minecraft is the day/night system. The time changes as you play, and although some people might not know exactly how it works, this post will give insights into how long is a Minecraft day. Hope you like this information and it will be very helpful for you.

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